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The Start of a Sweet September

(Your Weekly Blog)


We hope you’re having an amazing Labor Day weekend. Today, I’m not hosting any guests, but I wanted to give you a quick dessert idea in case you’re hosting guests that literally only takes minutes.

Watch here for a recap of that dessert.

All items were purchased at Target and again, super easy to make.

Do me a favor, if you plan to make this dessert today or this week, reply back to this blog so my team can know. They look forward to getting to know you.


A few other things:

On September 19th, we’re opening a brand new online membership for the busy woman on-the-go who still wants to be in a vibrant, Godly community and learn all things womanhood without it been overwhelming. It’s super affordable and we know you will absolutely love it. So mark your calendars:)

We will take 500 women this first round.

Starting this Friday, we will start a 5 minute podcast called #FeminineFridays, so if you aren’t already subscribed to The Amanda Ferguson Show podcast, go ahead and do that now.

Lastly, if you haven’t been reminded of this yet, you’re necessary.

Your life. Your story. Your personality. Your giftings. You’re necessary in this world.

Rooting for you :)


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