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How to Prepare For Your Week

(Your Weekly Blog)


Today’s blog is about preparing for the week. Have you ever laid out your clothes the night before, but when you woke up you just weren’t feeling it? However you knew that you didn’t have any other clothes ironed.


So then, it’s time to make a decision.

A. Wear the clothes that you laid out even though you’re uncomfortable.

B. Iron new clothes and know that you will just be late.

What would be your choice? Well for me, the answer has always been B! I have to feel comfortable in my clothes or I’m just uncomfortable all day.

So when I started noticing this trend, I made a decision to start making sure all of my clothes are steamed/ironed and hung in my closet. That way, if I need to make a quick change, I’m not scurrying around the house trying to get it all done. Try this tip as you prepare for the work week ahead and let me know how it goes!

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1 Comment

May 30, 2023

That small tip just literally blew my mind, especially because this happens to me so much. Like you i refuse to be uncomfortable all day or a few hours

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